Tele-Trial Model (Home-based Clinical Trial)

This study has met clinical trial research regulations during COVID-19 pandemic using telehealth and postal services for participant recruitment, consent, and a 4-week trial at your home. Conducting a clinical trial away from research facilities helps physical distancing as we continue to respond to COVID-19 restriction as well as reduce your travels. Importantly, we aim to keep you safe in your bubble. Our research team can conduct the study by telephone or video conference and courier a study package to your address.

We will provide you a hard copy (printed documents) for self-data collection but you can choose one of the online methods which are easy and convenient to use.

1) Access the webpage (REDCap) on your computer or smartphone with a survey link sent to your email daily. (for ALL Surveys and Bladder Diary)

2) Set up the mobile project (MyCap) on your smartphone with a password-protected Mobile App. (ONLY for Daily Bladder Diary)

Download and install the MyCap App:

Play Store:

App Store:

We will send a QR code to your email. After scanning the code, downloading and processing a 4-week bladder diary will be set up automatically on your smartphone. You can easily complete data collection of bladder diary once a day, during 4 weeks of TENS therapy. This App functions both online and offline. For more information, please visit the MyCap website.


Online platform examples of the bladder diary; Left: the email link (REDCap), Right: the mobile app (MyCap).